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Hey there,
I'm getting an error message when the IRC5 starts up: I/O signal mapped outside the I/O device data area

I'm using IRC5 with options 888-2 ProfiNET IO, 997-1 ProfiSAFE F-Device and so on. I have set up SafeMove, ProfiSAFE communication between the IRC5 and a Siemens S7-1500F PLC, everything is working fine. ProfiSAFE data is exchanged correctly, standard ProfiNet signals are exchanged correctly. But on every startup the IRC5 I get this error message; I get the same message for every configured ProfiSAFE signal.
How do I get rid of this message? It's quite annoying that I need to acknowledge the message every time I switch on the machine...


  • soup
    soup ✭✭✭
    Have you tried fixing what the error says by changing the assigned bit range?
  • jboti
    No, I haven't. Because I don't really understand what the error says.
    Taken from EIO.cfg:

          -Name "PN_Internal_Device" -VendorName "ABB Robotics"\
          -ProductName "PROFINET Internal Device" -OutputSize 32 -InputSize 32
    This alone would make sense, but 32 bytes of output is only 256 bits, not 320 bits as the error says.
    On the other hand, signal FO0_E_STOP_LOCAL is configures in SafeMove, as a ProfiSafe signal, and like I've said before it is valid. I'm successfully exchanging this signal with the safety PLC.
    Taken from SafeMove_configuration file:
            <Device name="PN_Internal_Device" inSizeBits="64" outSizeBits="64" address="">
              <Module name="SDO_8_bytes" inputSize="0" outputSize="8" sourceAddress="1" destAddress="7" wdTimeout="500" crcLength="3" fParVersion="2" fParIndex="1" slot="3" silLevel="2" blockId="0" iParCrc="0" visible="true" readonly="false" />
              <Module name="SDI_8_bytes" inputSize="8" outputSize="0" sourceAddress="1" destAddress="8" wdTimeout="500" crcLength="3" fParVersion="2" fParIndex="2" slot="4" silLevel="2" blockId="0" iParCrc="0" visible="true" readonly="false" />
              <Signal name="FI0_E_STOP" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="0" width="1" direction="input" />
              <Signal name="FI1_SAFETY_ENABLE" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="1" width="1" direction="input" />
              <Signal name="FI2" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="2" width="1" direction="input" />
              <Signal name="FI3" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="3" width="1" direction="input" />
              <Signal name="FI4_GEN_STOP" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="4" width="1" direction="input" />
              <Signal name="FI5_AUTO_STOP" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="5" width="1" direction="input" />
              <Signal name="FO0_E_STOP_LOCAL" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="0" width="1" direction="output" />
              <Signal name="FO1_ENABLE_DEV" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="1" width="1" direction="output" />
              <Signal name="FO2_AUTO" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="2" width="1" direction="output" />
              <Signal name="FO3_MANUAL" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="3" width="1" direction="output" />
              <Signal name="FO4_GEN_STOP" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="4" width="1" direction="output" />
              <Signal name="FO5_AUTO_STOP" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="5" width="1" direction="output" />
              <Signal name="FO6_SYNCH_OK" type="BOOL" default="0" offset="6" width="1" direction="output" />
    And here's the PLC configuration, if it's any help: