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ErikHagmanErikHagman Göteborg Sweden

Please move back to the old "online documentation"! Before it was much easier to find the right manual, now it is nearly impossible and the search function is really bad!


  • Dear Erik, thank you for your feedback. Apologies that the current search function is not meeting expectations. Unfortunately we had to step away from the 'DVD' for several obvious reasons and instead offer our customers access to ABB Library, containing much more information than a DVD that only contains documents related to the latest release. The back-draw is the large amount of available documents. We are definitely working on a better search engine and also on possibilities to filter via personal preferences.

    For now it is correct that a search on just 'RobotStudio' will result in a large number of hits. Too many if you are only interested in Software products and a RobotStudio manual; here is a suggestion to improve and reduce the search result:

    Select Category / Robotics / Software Products

    Select only One Language

    Select Document Kind - Instructions and Manuals

    this will reduce the amount of searches dramatically, I hope this helps for now. Thanks to your feedback we are able to improve the experience for all Robotics users.

    Best Regards / Rene Nispeling

  • SnampoSnampo Nederland
    Is there any progress regarding the documentation? Right now, the library is incomplete compared to the DVD, and the search function is not fulfilling expectations.

    I would like ABB to restore the previous online documentation (the DVD) while you are working on fixing the ABB library. The fact that I cannot find certain safety related documents is not acceptable in my opinion. For example, robot stopping distances, 3HAC048645 is available on the DVD but not in the library.
  • soupsoup USA ✭✭✭

    Also, I don't understand why ABB does such a good job of hiding the HTML manuals, like: Instructions, Functions, and Datatypes.
  • ErikHagmanErikHagman Göteborg Sweden
    ABB Library is nearly two months after this thread started not functional, go back to the DVD, we need the manuals...
  • AlexKAlexK Sweden ✭✭
    I have to agree, bring back the DVD until you have fixed the problems. The website when it comes to finding information has taken a dive, which is a shame as it used to be really good before the new "myABB" came into play.

    Right now i have given up at finding any manuals at all, until recently we could at least use old links to the DVD but now that doesn't even work.
    Best regards
    Alexander Källberg
  • AlexKAlexK Sweden ✭✭
    edited March 14
    If i want a RAPID manual where do i go?
    Yes, it's available in Robotstudio, but as an example, where can i find a RAPID reference manual in pdf format now adays? I presume i should be able to. 

    Working for a Partner company I used to be able to quickly find a manual i needed through the website and later the DVD. Since myABB i can't find but the most basic brochures for products and thats about it. The online DVD was the last working solution.

    Best regards
    Alexander Källberg
  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    I don't have "My ABB", I often go here:

    Or, in robotstudio, help, documentation.  Click on additional resources to bring up more stuff.
    Lee Justice
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