EtherNet/IP Communication

I have an IRB 120 robot with an IRC5 Compact controller. I am trying to communicate with a PLC through a Stratix switch with EtherNet / IP connection on the X6 (WAN) port. There is a connection, since I send a ping and there is a response, but I get a timeout error. I am trying to use the internal Ethernet / IP anybus device and the internal DN device and nothing, and if I try to create a Ethernet/ ip device I get an error about fieldbus adapter and it doesn't let me create one. I dont know whats wrong or if I'm even doing it right :sweat_smile: Can someone offer help or write a step guide or something?


  • Knud E LindbergKnud E Lindberg Denmark ✭✭
    Do you have the options for doing this on the robot controller ?
    Knud Erik Lindberg
    Jorgensen Engineering
  • VicenteVicente Spain
    Yes, I have an adapter. I've manage to improve the connection, now it recognises the adapter as an abb ethernet/ip anybus adapter, but now this error message appears: (Code 16#0114) Electronic Keying Mismatch: Electronic keying product code and/or vendor ID mismatch.
  • VicenteVicente Spain
    Okey, finally the PLC guy did his work and is now working perfectly. :smile:
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