System Input - Interrupt usage

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There's something I don't understand about the System Input Interrupt configuration.
It lets you specify the program to run, but doesn't allow that program to be run unless execution has been stopped?

The Interrupt action will be applied only when the program execution is stopped.
Yet the example routine shows using "StopMove\Quick;" and otherwise implies that normally this would run while allowing current motion to continue, unless StopMove is used.

Trying to use the Interrupt System Input during program execution is blocked.
Stopping the execution from the PLC, then running the interrupt program does work, but the robot does not resume the current move by itself.

Yet that is what the manual implies:
To prevent the robot going to this position when the Interrupt routine starts and delay it until after the Interrupt, the following RAPID sequence can be used in the Interrupt routine...

The sequence in the manual shows using StopMove, storing the path and position, then performing your own code or move, and then moving back to the interrupted move position, restoring the path and Starting motion again. 

My question is that why is a StopMove necessary? Execution has to be stopped before the PLC can activate the Interrupt, and then when it does activate the interrupt, the robot does not also resume its previous motion.

Trying to understand the difference between my robot's behavior, and how it is described in the manual.
- Jay
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