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Hi! I use robotstudio 6.8.1. I have a proyect with smarts components. I can not run it in rapid editor. I search in forums but i dont see a good response. Samebody can help!


  • OskarHenrikssonOskarHenriksson Cyberspace mod
    Hi Moises, it's a bit hard to follow what you try to do.
    You've to contribute with more information.
    The RAPID editor is executed on the robot controller meanwhile smart components are part of the RobotStudio station.

    The more concrete your question is, the easier it is to help!
  • MoisesMoises Spain
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    Thanks for help! In "simulacion "any problem. ALL run.
  • innebandyinnebandy Korea, South ✭✭
    I guess you probably missed a station logic which is a sort of virtual wiring between the Smart Components and the Virtual Controller.
  • MoisesMoises Spain
    No.  I think that is coordination problem between station and controler.
  • OskarHenrikssonOskarHenriksson Cyberspace mod
    Moises, please try to describe step by step what you want to achieve.
    Smart components can be found in Simulation -> Station Logic.
    Maybe this video can be of help:
  • j_proulxj_proulx United States ✭✭
    Smart Components only run in Simulation mode not via the virtual pendant.
  • MoisesMoises Spain
    Ok. Thanks you very much!
  • Johannes WeimanJohannes Weiman ABB Sweden admin
    Yes, many (but not all) Smart Component require a running simulation to function properly.
    If you don't want RAPID execution to start automatically when the simulation starts, you can uncheck that option in Simulation Setup. Then while the simulation is running, you can start and stop execution from the RAPID tab or the Virtual FlexPendant.
    Johannes Weiman
    Software Engineer
    RobotStudio Team, ABB Robotics
  • MoisesMoises Spain
    Thanks you for all! I learn a lot with the forum.
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