Function blocks i.e. Write Record via Profinet in IRC5 controller

BartiBarti Katowice

Hi all,

did You hear about some similar possiblities in IRC5 controller like described below:

"We use following ABB products: robot IRC5, RobotStudio 6.08.01 software, RAPID language. We successfully configured cyclic data exchange, but he cannot find the way to configure the acyclic data.

Could you please provide a description of how to configure acyclic data exchange with IRC5 robot using RobotStudio 6.08.01?

We are looking for the equivalent of the instruction / function bloc WRREC (“Write Record”) from the Siemens architecture."

Thanks in advance for help.

BR, Bartosz


  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Maybe you can clarify your needs some.  Acyclic to me means that it is not in sync with the robot program cycle, perhaps intermittent timing in which data is required to be written.  Do you agree or do you have another meaning.  Next, a "Record" in Rapid language is a user defined data which is comprised of more than one component, which may or may not be of different datatypes.  Is that the same kind of record to which you mean?
    Lee Justice
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