Example for multimove with 2+ robots and 2+ external axes?



  • I send your idea to support and we are back in the waiting game with it. Happy new year
  • vulpes_hvulpes_h Sweden ✭✭
    Have you received help with this from ABB yet?
    I totally missed that you answered me.

    1. Robot is moved by "Base Frame"
      " Base Frame" is move by EX-axis.

    Same Robot is using a "WorkObj" 

    robot2, Robot is folowing Multi move "Workobj"  hold by Robot 1.

    Have you made your "cell & application" work?
    Many welding robot cells with a K-positioner should use similar settings as u, and they can use a traveling track as well.  Same settings almoste but you have it standing upp.

    Think it is bad with configuration information and examples of this, for real systems from ABB.
    Also, Robot studio does not support all settings in MOC.cfg etc.

    Robot Studio "team", is trying to make some thing of ther own to control external axis.
    ABB "Robotic motion system" and RSO have, does´t seem to have developed in 15 years regarding this.
    Two different ABB companies that don't care what they do in my opinion.
    The developers at ABB do not understand what they are doing and create multiple instances that overlap and completely without connections to each other..'
    What works in RSO may not work in RC,  Versa.
    I use RSO more as a guide and guideline.
  • Thanks for your reply, nothing useful from abb (we are investigating...). Looks like we need to file a formal complain.
    I check your replyout as sson as I am back in the office
  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭
    The point of difference is that the BaseFrame of both robots is moving with MultiMove the common moving frame is a Wobj is not a Baseframe.
  • vulpes_hvulpes_h Sweden ✭✭
    I would in this case,  when the robots are mounted on a Track & drive unit, move the BaseFrame,   Parameter:  "BaseFrame Move By" 
    ( is it a possible that both robots can be moved with the same mechanical unit in the MOC.cfg file. i dont now) 
    and use MultiMove - to cordinate in between Tool´s by using Wobj as you (graemepaulin) propose to get relations in "World zero frame"

    looking at this also., can give you a hint for traveling "Track" and one way of bilding a machanical unit and move Base frame!.

  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭
    As I understand it the reason a custmised moc file is required is that both robots can not be moved by the same mechanical unit.
  • kschmidkschmid
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    Thanks for everybody's help.
    For obvious reasons I am considering using ROS (robotic operating system) or siemens NX another software with less limitations and just streaming targets.
    Anybody has some experience with that they can share?
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  • kschmidkschmid
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    Moving  both robots can be moved with the same mechanical results in the controller unable to startup again.
    No useful errors just plain broken
  • k_schmidk_schmid
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    6 month no resolution. abb is asking for CAD drawings and an nda. We already send the same robotstudio station 3 times.

    graemepaulin mind explaining me the official complaint process please?
  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭

    Send your ABB contact an email asking them to raise a customer complaint for xxx (stating what the issue is).

    They will then raise a complaint case and you will receive a case number, contact details, etc to be able to follow up on the resolution of your complaint.

  • kschmidkschmid
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    Abb is now suggesting for us to change the already build hardware design to work around their software's limitations.
    Basically split up the shared axis.
    Not the best timing now. As a software developer it is not easy to understand if this is a software or hardware limitation in first place.
    What do people think?
  • So we just confirmed: 2 robot on 1 track is official unsupported.
  • kschmidkschmid
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    Here is the latest idea, has somebody tried something similar or knows how to do it?
    Sweden has suggested the following to try.

     ROB1. The robot which builds up the structure works like a normal robot on a track motion in world coordinate system.. This could be a challenge to handle but it should be pretty straight forward. ROB1 has a base frame moved by the track motion.

    • ROB2. The robot which applies the finishing layer is programmed in a coordinate system handled by ROB1 i.e. the coordinates is not in world coordinate system but in coordinates that’s related to ROB1. ROB2 has a fixed base frame relative ROB1.


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  • hm, another dead end? 
    What is people's experience with ros solvers and external axes?
  • kschmidkschmid
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    Alright, another failed attempt.
    Sad but I think we go it alone since support seems to be genuinely unable to handle a question like that.

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