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Failed to subscribe on signal ".../Target/Tool Changed" / "../Workobject Changed"

Hello, i'm trying to program my first robot (YuMi) and got some issues right at the beginning.
For testing, i just defined a few targets and added smart-gripper.
When i try to run the simulation, an error says : "Failed to subsribe to signal: "IRB14000\Mechanical Units\ROB_x\Target\Tool Changed" and "...\Workobject Changed" for the left&right arm.
I think this is an basic issue, but i cant figure out what to do.

Another problem: i cant use the "g_xxx" identifier for the smart grippers, even i imported the library and installed the addin.

Thanks in advance


  • Shawndietrich
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    Has anybody figured this one out?  I'm getting this error for my tool and workobject.  The program runs but the robot doesn't move.  I've try syncing the rapid to the station and vise versa.  Also I'm using an IRB 2600.
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  • Is the error because you are you using signal analyzer?

    Are you running the program from the RAPID tab or as a simulation?

  • Well i did setup a new VC and then it worked i guess..
    In my case i wasnt using signal analyzer and was running the program as simulation