SmartGripper initialization Error

out of nowhere, i'm getting Error Code 51 when trying to calibrate the right gripper at the first start.
A wrong Hall sensor feedback
is found in clockwise movement.
Check the connection
between the Hall sensor output
of the motor and the main

When calibrating the gripper manually over flex pendant, it works without any problems (until next restart).

Does someone have a guide or something so i can see where to look for these connection ?

Or is there any other option to fix it?

Best regards..


  • YuGo
    YuGo Italy - SSG
    Hello @Paba , did you solve your problem?
    Because from your description seems to be an error on one hall sensor of the motor of the arm.
    Do you have the entire error code or a screenshot of the FlexPendant?

  • Paba
    Paba Germany
    edited October 2019
    Yes i "fixed" it..
    The error only accures when using the \grip option at the g_Init command
    IF g_IsCalibrated()<>TRUE THEN<br>       g_JogOut;<br>       g_Init\maxSpd:=25\holdForce:=10\Calibrate\Grip;<br>ELSE<br>       g_Init\maxSpd:=25\holdForce:=10;<br>ENDIF
    when starting the roboter first time, error accures at the flex pendant:
    "Fehler beim Initialisieren der Hand!
    ErrNo: 51"

    If i dont use \grip, there is no error.

    soo i think i just missed the point of \grip :)