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FlexFeeder issue

Hi all,

I am trying to get 3 FlexFeeders working with a IRC5 compact controller using DeviceNet. I have imported the Standard_Feeder_Three Rapid code and can start the Flexfeeder using the run signals;
DO10_03_Feeder*_Run to 1
DO10_04_Feeder*Unload to 0
DO10_08_Feeder*Debug to 0
DO10_01_Feeder*_Done to 1

The feeder works correctly for the first cycle only. After this it just cycles between the lift coming part way up and the air blast. Only stopping the program and re-starting at main overcomes this. Using the ExecFeeder* Change to false (In the instructions, this says it should stop the FlexFeeder) doesn't seem to do anything.

My thinking is something is being set or reset on the first cycle, but not being reset to the same state when the instruction is next called, but I cannot find anything in the code.

What I am trying to do is look with vision for a part and if no parts are present, stop the Flexfeeder and then call the routine again.

Any help would be much appreciated.



  • lemster68
    I have not used those, but I can try to help.  How are you changing those signals?  PulseDO (would be bad idea), set, reset or SetDO?  Are there inputs which come from the feeder to confirm the right state?  Are you setting those all consecutively?  Could make a race condition.  Best would be this scenario:  You set and output, an input turns on, move to the next output, on or off, wait for corresponding input, and so on.
    Lee Justice