Check Profinet Connection to PLC?

PabaPaba Germany

i just want to check the connection between IRC and S7-1500 at startup.
How do i have to setup the profinet device so i can use IOUnitState?

I know how to create a new pn device but i have no clue how to assign it to the plc.



  • EricHEricH Germany
    You could use a Lifebit, that is constantly going 500ms to 0 and then 500ms to 1. The plc sends it to the robot and the robot mirrors back. If the mirror is not working, then there is a problem in the connection.

  • PabaPaba Germany
    ookey how to mirror it the best way?
    Set up a new background task or is there some kind of function which i can use?
  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Check in the PLC or in the robot?  If you have set up your io unit, you can use IOUnitState in the robot.  If you want to check in the PLC, then the PLC sends robot a bit on, you set up a cross connection in your IO.  The robot will automatically echo the bit state back to the PLC.
    Lee Justice
  • PabaPaba Germany
    I want the plc to check the connection. 
    When processing the lifebit in a background task it worked well (WaitDI DI_LB,1; SetDO DO_LB,1; WaitDI DI_LB,0; SetDO DO_LB,0; haha)

    But a cross connection is way cleaner solution :smile:
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