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IF Condition

Hi,iam working on a school project and i have a problem with if condition. The project is about the making a coffe .The problem is i have a three types of coffe and i want to use a screenmaker to choose one of the coffe. First problem is that i dont know how the create a if condition i tried a lots of youtube tutorials which dont helped. I just want a simple condition if i click on the specific coffe button (like coffe 1) robot will do proc coffe1 and after the proc will be done robot just stops. Second problem is i dont know how to setup the buttons on a screenmaker like when i click on the define action i dont know which function choose, i think its because i dont have the condition .So i would be gratefull if you helped me with this one. Its maybe easy thing but for me its not thanks for all the help.


  • SomeTekk
    edited February 2020
    Not a simple solution, in spite of the short suggestion.

    It is suggested to write RAPID in the control, then use a run RAPID routine button.

    Have you checked the RS Operating Manual section about ScreenMaker? 
  • Freelock
    I just checked it and it maybe helped enough i gonna try it tomorrow if there is gonna a another problem i post here again thx for now

  • edorobot
    i have done a similar hmi, where i choose between two objects.
    If you use a flexpendant you can use it how a interface operator. 
    With the function UIMessageBox you create 3 button with the 3 type of coffe.
    After,based on the value of the button, you can use the function if ... else if to create the 3 cases.
    In this document you can see the rapid manual.
    Good job