Problem with coordinate system of the track and base of robot

SymiSymi Germany
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Hi there,

short overview:

-robot is mounted on external linear axis
- linear axis of the track is similar to robot y axis

So if i move the robot manually coordinates are correct as you can see in upper left corner. But if i look on my virtual flex pendant, the coordiantes are totally different. How do I fix this?


  • SymiSymi Germany
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    Maybe some further informations:

    track is from GÜDEL, but motor is from ABB -> MU300

    I tried to rotate baseframe of the robot and from track (separated from each other), but nothing had changed.

    I used External Axis Wizard to create the track.

  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭
    Tap the position format button (below the co-ordinate readout) -> position shown in-> from workobject to world on the Flex Pendant
  • SymiSymi Germany
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    It doesn't matter which position format i use. the incorrect calculation remains. In the meantime, ive send my problem with a pack&go file to the support. I hope that they can help me :).

    wObj = (0,0,0) = Base
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