EGM measuredForce and testSignals

csmith USA
edited February 2020 in RAPID Programming
Looking at the egm.proto I can see that measuredForce and testSignals are defined messages, but I can't find any information about them.
What do those signals represent and how can they be set inside RS?

Thank you


  • pobal
    pobal Rzeszów
    You can see the measured force signal when you activate Force Control, e.g. using  RAPID instruction FCAct. The controler then sends three measured force values and three measured torque values. I tested that on the real controler. Unfortunately I don't know what enforce the controler to send test signal values.
  • j_proulxFB
    j_proulxFB Watertown, WI USA
    download RobotWare Tools and Utilities from RS website. Use Test Signal Viewer. See pages 110 , 327, 2328 in the FC Application Manual.