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S4P+ Controller in RobotStudio 2019

Hello All,
I have the old S4P+ Robot Controller (Model:- IRB5400-12-1113) & wants to do the simulation for the same using Robot Studio 2019.5.
Here are the challenges....

1) Can i do the simulation for S4P+ in RS2019.5 with using RW or any other version of RW ? 
2) If I can do the simulation for S4P+ controller in RS2019 then how i can transfer the programs from IRC5P to S4P+ controller??
3) Is there any specific software available in ABB for converting programs from IRC5P to S4P+ ?? if it avaiolable then where i can get it ??

 Please help on this!!!!



  • graemepaulin
    I do not know about the paint commands but in a standard system you can create the RAPID program only as a virtual controller is not available for the S4 series in the current  RobotStudio. Things like I/O need to be created from scratch as the config files are not compatible.
    This also relies on the robot being available in the current version of RobotStudio - I see that there is an IRB5400-12 available.

    The Rapid program can be saved in RobotStudio to say a USB and loaded manually into the real controller.
  • Thanks! i will try this 

  • graemepaulin
    One other thing - ensure you do not use any RAPID commands, functions, etc that is not available in the S4 series....
  • Ok Sure !