FTP over the WAN port RW 7

I cannot connect to the OmniCore controller running RW 7.0.1 with FTP. I can get to the camera over the Service port, not the controller. Neither service port or WAN will let me connect. Has anyone had success with FTP on these revisions? I have no trouble on RW 6 with IRC5 controller.


  • What user name and password are you using to try and connect to the controller?  try using "Default User" and "robotics".  Can you ping the controller service port IP (  Do you have your PC network card set to get IP address automatically?  The service port has a built in DHCP server that will assign it.  When trying to use the WAN port do you have the software option PC interface installed on the controller?  I think you have to have that even if you are trying to FTP into the controller over the WAN port.

  • I appreciate your response, thank you. I have no trouble on any ABB robots running RW 6, it is only on  RW 7 on the Omnicore that refuses to connect. If you have had the misfortune of having to migrate from an IRC5 RW 6 to an Omnicore with RW 7 you would understand. I was hoping to find someone that has been successful with the new stuff. And, yes, we always get the PC interface option.
  • Hello Yaberries, could you please tell me what user name and password and ftp client you are using to communicate with RW6 IRC5 controllers? Thanks!
  • I was able to login to my controller using FileZilla by leaving the username and password blank, but it was RW 5.15
  • We specify the username and password, then enable the required access. The FTP client is a dll referenced in our C# project. Just a reminder, we have no issues with IRC5. Just Omnicore. I have successfully transferred files using the web services on the Omnicore so FTP isn't required. But I would still like to know if FTP is possible, or if we have to go with secure FTP on Omnicore.