Perform Jogging by WebSockets

tlttlt russia
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I try to do http://localhost/rw/motionsystem?action=jog and get following message:

<span class="code">-1073436652</span>
<span class="msg">rws_resource_motionsystem.cpp[405] Change count mismatch code:-1073436652 icode:-1073436652</span>

Robot error list:
<li class="err-desc-li" title="-1073436652">
<span class="name">SYS_CTRL_E_HPJ_CHANGE_COUNT_MISMATCH</span>
<span class="code">-1073436652</span>
<span class="severity">Error</span>
<span class="description">Change count mismatch.</span>

Could you clarify what does Change count mismatch mean?

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