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‘RobotStudio® AR Viewer’ is an augmented reality (AR) application designed to work with iOS and Android mobile devices. The application visualises in 3D the industrial robots simulation created in the ‘RobotStudio’ desktop application. With ‘RobotStudio® AR Viewer’, users get an exact copy of the ABB robots in 3D, with the robot’s movements accurately reflected.
The augmented reality features enable precise positioning of a robot on the shop floor, which contributes to better understanding about how it will fit in the space. Additionally, it is possible to resize the robot to the desired size, adjust station rotation to see it from each angle, while its timeline feature makes it possible to check the cycle time and go quickly to a certain point in time in the animation.
The application requires only 3 simple steps to get started: exporting the simulation from the desktop application, placing the exported simulation file on the cloud drive (e.g. OneDrive) and importing the simulation into the mobile application. 


A new release is available !

What's new?

You can now find the ABB's portfolio of robots and robotics solutions : more than 50 robot arm models and more than 20 robotics solutions in different industries and applications.
Select your robot model or application with filtering options.
Interact with the model with user friendly gestures.

Download the free app from Apple, Google and Huawei store and enjoy the experience !

Link to Apple Store

Link to Google Play Store

ABB RobotStudio® Augmented Reality video

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