Uploading RAPID file directly to virtual controller?

Hello, not sure if this is possible or not but I am trying to create a .RAPID file with a script outside of RobotStudio and then upload the file to the virtual controller, all without interacting with the RS gui. I have poked around the various RS directories and have not yet been able to find a single directory which holds individual RAPID files. If anyone knows if this is possible/how to do it that would be greatly appreciated. 


  • soup
    soup ✭✭✭
    If you know the path of the file made by the outside script, you could use code on the controller to Load/Unload that file.
  • Hi. What about using USB port on TeachPendant?
  • svoldgaard
    It's in ..\Virtual Controllers\{controllername}\INTERNAL\RAPID\PRG1

    The name of the files, doesn't corresponds to the actual module names. Instead, they have a number. so you will have to figure out, which file contains which module. probably, by open the files, search for the line "MODULE" and read the the next word.
    Not sure if you are able to create a new module this way.
  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
    Did you look here?


    This will still not load it to the virtual controller's operating memory, it will still have to be loaded/unloaded like Soup said.
    Lee Justice
  • bochiller
    are there any updates?
    I have the same problem. I want to import RAPID-code from a .txt-file into robotstudio, but i cant find a way to do that.