RobotStudio 2020 - External Axis Wizard

Hello, I have RobotStudio 2020 and I want to use a robot attached to a track.

If I use a track like the RTT Robin which comes with RobotStudio it works perfectly with the IRC5 controller but if I design a track and make a mechanism, the IRC5 controller says the combination dont works (my track + irb 1200).

I read that this problem can be solved with External Axis Wizard but it isnt available for the 2020 version of robotstudio.

Does exist a way to solve this problem or I have to use RTT Robin?
Thanks you all.


  • Liam
    Liam Sweden admin
    Hi aalex2121,

    Here is an updated External Axis Wizard for use with RobotStudio 2020.1. This will be uploaded to the RobotApps page soon also.

    Best regards,
  • Tombie
    Tombie Poland

    Have you fixed an issue? I am creating my system in RobotSTudio 6.08 and I have externaln axis wizzard. But still when I have succsfully created systestem with track I have problems. My Robot wobj is jumping every restart if controler. Also when I restart controller every time RobotStudio asking me for detaching robot from mechanism. When I click "no" it changes my wobj and task frame. Have no idea how to fix it. About 1 year ago I was doing it the same way and it was working. Also strange situation happens after restart the controller. Wobj is moved somewhere I don't know why, 
    but If I press examine on it it shows that is in base frame of robot.
  • splata
    splata mexico
    hello .

    I have a problem with RobotStudio 2020.4 (64-bit) Version 20.4.9280.0 , i need to configure a MID 500 with the controller with RW 6.11.02 but when i try to open the External Axis Wizard 6.08.01 i have this fatal error.

    somebody have the same error?? 

  • innebandy
    innebandy Korea, South ✭✭
    It might be a sort of compatibility issues. So You'd better install the latest External Axis wizard. You can get the latest in Add-Ins menu of RobotStudio when you are online.