How to attach geometry to ABB's positioner IRBP?

Hi, I have a setup like so:
The highlighted geometry is the custom geometry. The robotic arm (not relevant) and the positioner is from ABB's library. Now, I would like to join my geometry to the positioner.

I tried place the positioner using one point placement, but it seems like it does not work:
 As you can see, as the positioner moves, the geometry remains at the original spot. My expectation is the geometry should travel along when I jog the positioner's joint. Is there any way to achieve that?

I also aware of this link. But I think it is an overcomplicated solution for my problem since this is ABB's positioner. Not trying to reinvent the wheels here. Thanks :).

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  • jmfjmf South Africa
    Accepted Answer
    What you should do is attach the model to the positioner. Right click on the model and attach to the positioner's correct link. Before attaching, make sure your model is placed correctly in the position you require. After attaching the model, the model should move with the positioner.
  • vitsenseivitsensei Australia
    Accepted Answer
    Beautiful. Thanks a lot :).
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