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Load / Unload instruction and back-up / restore getting 40704 Unload Errors

Does anyone know of a way to get around the 40704 Unload errors when restoring a back-up on a robot using the load / unload instructions? Other than creating a back-up without the .mod in memory?


  • Skip the unload command and move pp to Load instruction.
    Lee Justice
  • Thanks for the idea but in this application the modules share the same routine and position names but different sequences, just the mod names are different depending on which part is running..hence the reason for unloading/save first then loading. Sorry, should of mentioned that at the beginning. If another part.mod is loaded then you will get ambiguous errors. Is there a way to know what modules are loaded in the program memory?
  • ModExist function.  Why not have them both loaded but with unique names then?
    Lee Justice
  • There can be...probably will be... more than 20 different parts this robot will work with. I doubt the customer is going to name 30ish or so positions unique to each part module. The customer has worked with load / unload instructions before so they are familiar with it so I'm not too concerned at the moment for them to be confused. I need to update the system manual to include the alternative way of backing up and restoring with removing the part module from the program memory.
    I think I may be able to use the ModExist function though....thanks for the tip.