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Questions about Station

Hello, I am still a newbie to RobotStudio. So I found this forum and wanted to study this file sent by one of the users.
But I don't really know Station Logic works. Some guidance would be appreciated. Sorry if it seems stupid.



  • I still have similar problems, but I have found several videos on YouTube. Keywords:ABB, smart components; Authors/User Maynard, Weiman, RobotStudio
    Joerg Vogel
    Hochschule Hannover
    University of Applied Sciences and Arts
    IRB120 - RW5.61, RW6.13 - IRC5 compact

  • ok thank you for the help

  • Armbross
    edited December 2020
    I tried it out the simulation of Rapid path worked but the output window showed some errors which I don't know how to fix
    Hope you can check my file