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Error Handling

I tried it out the simulation of Rapid path worked but the output window showed some errors which I don't know how to fix
Hope you can check my file
Have looked through the forum & could not find any similar issues.


  • I notice you have two Signals that are referenced but is not in the System. Add the two signals (act_toolChange_gppr and act_toolChange_vacuum) to your IO configuration and restart your system. Also your Main Routine is empty and no code is executed.
  • ok changed the signal naming a bit, but now a different error pops up . In main() ran each path separately & all gave me corner path failure error message.

  • To avoid that error, you need to reduce the zonedata or change it to 'fine'.
  • innebandy said:
    To avoid that error, you need to reduce the zonedata or change it to 'fine'.

    I am going to have to disagree with you there.  Those are merely warnings and do not stop the robot.  One could use those to help find where one has done something wrong in the program.  For example, if there is a move which terminates with a z50 but you have a wait time immediately after, it will always generate a corner path failure.  The warning tells which line of code caused it.  Look to see if that example I wrote or other causes, like WaitUntil or WaitDI, and make the motion terminate in a fine point if necessary.  If one pays attention to those and addresses the offending lines of code appropriately, then one could have a better program.  Finally, that warning can be turned off in the system parameters.  I recommend doing so AFTER all the warnings generated are dealt with and resolved, when possible.  Without turning the waring off, your motion log can easily be filled with those waring, flushing out potentially more important warnings or errors.

    Lee Justice
  • so corner path failure is dependant on z position & Wait Time?
  • No, not "Z" position, z50 is zonedata, just one example of the many.  Waittimes, and other waits can cause a corner path failure.  Look at what the possible causes are listed with the error.
    Lee Justice