IRB2400 S4 controller lost boot disk

rib netherlands

I have a IRB2400M94A with S4 controller. I have only disk 1 and lost the other disks. The controller want to do a cold boot, ask for disk 1 and then disk 2 which I do not have. The problem occured after the batteries were empty. 

Does somebody have the boot disks for this robot?


- ABB S4 (not C controller)

- IRB 2400 M94: IRB2400-0296

- TPU VERSION: TPU-4911014-RDG-940610-0.01

- BOOT: 4911014-SBV-970307-1636

- Computer: 3HAB 3700-1 E-Lux Electronics AB P/N 93-32 

- Cards inside: DSQC223, DSQC223, DSQC256A, (also one without plastic front), DSQC316 and DSQC321