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Robot Web Services don't return Signals/Devices if their configuration is "invalid"


after setting up a connection to a PROFINET device on our controller recently, we found, that the Robot Web Service call <b>rw/iosystem/signals </b>stopped working, but instead now returns:

ERROR: rws_component_iosystem.cpp[533]: code: 0xc004fffe eio_signal_open_by_id failed with status -12.;  code:-1073414146 icode:-1

Apparently the error code -1073414146 translates into "Unspecified error.".
The same is true for the rw/iosystem/devices call, only that the error message looks a little different:

ERROR: rws_component_iosystem.cpp[1336]: code: 0xc004ab04 eio_device_open_by_id failed with status -12.;  code:-1073435900 icode:-1

Judging from this, there clearly is something wrong with our device setup according to the Web Service API, even though we can exchange data with our new device just fine via our Group Inputs/Outputs.
Funny enough, the calls to retrieve information about one specific device or signal  (rw/iosystem/signals/{network}/{unit}/{signal}, rw/iosystem/devices/{device}) work just fine, even for the ones we recently added.

Is there any way to determine, which signal or device causes this issue? Preferably over the Web Services directly.

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  • xerim
    What version of RW? I found this thread where someone describes having the same issue (c004ab04). It seems like using RobotStudio 2019.5.2 with RobotWare 7.0.2 seems to work. 
  • Thanks for the hint! We're currently using RW, so we'll definitely have a look if an update could solve this issue.