MoveC missing?

hi i'am new whit this one, and i have notice that MoveC command missing from "ad move command" and "edit instruction"??? it's in template but you can't use it???

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  • It is available under the "Add Instruction" panel, you must navigate through the pages first with the "Previous" and "Next" buttons to find it. 

  • hi xerim,

    THX for RP. i'am sorry, but I was too inaccurate. I meant that yes, it works in virtual FlexPendant and in RAPPID. but it do not work in PATH, even i have selected it in "instruction template" and i have confirmed it is in Station "Most Common Instruction List". so this "can't use MoveC" applies only RobotStudio PATH programming. i have RobotStudio 2020.4 (64-bit) Version 20.4.9280.0.

  • Try pulling up the instruction template editor, seen here

    Then change MoveC from Circular to Linear

    It should now show up as a default instruction template

  • 1.pic i have done anything. so you can see MoveC command, but you can't use it?

    2.pic i do you suggestion. now MoveL is missing and MoveC makes MoveL commands

    3.pic MoveC chosen

    4.pic it do MoveL commands

  • i do nothing after i do your suggestion, but template did, and now MoveC is missing again with this info and MoveL is back. 

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    WaitSync Task would be included for  the option Multimove coordinated, it is likely that the system you are using does not have that option.
    Lee Justice