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ABB Robotics has launched the next generation of cobots and we can't wait to share more information with you all. Introducing #GoFa™ and #SWIFTI™ to our collaborative robot range. Along with #YuMi™ these cobots are packed full of capabilities, are safe enough to work directly alongside humans and help companies of all sizes improve productivity and quality.
We’re making automation easier than ever.
Discover our collaborative robot range here:

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  • hi, where can i get this Gofa robot library inside the robotstudio software or when will it available in robotstudio library?
  • Hi Koteso88, it will be in the next RS release, March 9 with limited functionality, full functionality in the next RS release, the date of it will be confirmed soon.
  • Can I use the IBR 1300 with area scanners if I need a 10kg Payload?
    I guess I am trying to understand how is SWIFTI different from IRB1100 with area scanners? 
  • @rohan_g Yes, you can use it the IRB1300 with safety scanners. 
    To clarify the difference between IRB1100 and CRB1100, please note that the difference between both robots is:1) branding and collaborative labeling,2) laser scanner and SafeMove included in package with an attractive price3) lead through device,4) interaction light on process hub,5) SafeMove configurator on Flexpendant, plus it has all the features of IRB1100! Additionally, CRB 1100 is running on the new Omnicore controller and is using the new FlexPendant.
  • Are the packages for the gofa robot available yet in robotstuido, I cant seem to find anywhere to download them. 
  • @Stevedan, there will be a new releaser of robotstudio this week and you will be able to get the GoFa and SWIFTI packages inside it. 
  • When can we expect a RobotWare that enables controller for GoFa/SWIFTI?
  • @ilar246 the new robotware will be released by the end of April so stay tuned for that.