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Motion Process Mode Set - Unknown Reference

rakshithb174 United States
edited April 2021 in IRC5
I am trying to set the Motion process mode during runtime using instruction as mentioned in RAPID instructions manual

! Do something
. . . 
MotionProcessModeSet ACCURACY_MODE;
! Do something

I am getting a reference error: "Reference to unknown procedure MotionProcessModeSet"

Isn't MotionProcessModeSet built in instruction? I am using it inside a user defined module.

Using robotware 6.12



  • innebandy
    innebandy Korea, South ✭✭
    The instruction requires an option, Advanced Robot Motion.
  • Newman
    Newman Sweden
    I think the option enables changing process mode from rapid, but you can still change process mode in moc.cfg (or sys.cfg🤔) I did a test in RS and ACCURACY_MODE made the robot much slower.
    Swedish freelance ABB robot programmer