How to switch motors on in manual model without pressing the button on (real) IRC5 cabinet

aremus Genova
edited May 2021 in RobotStudio
Hello everyone,

our setup consists of an IRC5 inside the same room hosting our IRB2600 ( far enough from its reach ;) ), human operators are in an adjacent room where cables come from IRC5.

After a start-up or an emergency stop, motors have to be switched ON, and by means of SYSTEM INPUTS we successfully managed to do so without the need of entering the robot room and press the physical button, when the robot is in AUTOMATIC MODE.

Ideally we would like to do the same when the robot is MANUAL MODE, but the above tactic seems failing (system input is rejected), I noticed that it does exist the keyless mode selector, but unfortunately this option is not available for us.

Any suggestion about this topic is going to be more than welcomed.