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Hallo all Experts,

Im super new to ABB environment, From TIA side we did network configuration, the normal profinet DI and DO's working, and in safety SDI and SDO we have 8 bytes each, How to I configure SDI's and SDO's for initial I want only E-stop and Safety fence signals from PLC (SDI) , and gives back if E-stop from Roby to PLC(SDO). In safe IO configuration I see SDO_8_bytes and SDI_8_bytes how do I maps. Many thanks in advance. 


  • czagawara
    czagawara Galway
    Did you solve this ? I have the same question 
  • abb_starter
    abb_starter Deggendorf
    Hallo @czagawara ,

    I got solved this problem. If you are using Profisafe F-Device, then as in Document 'Functional Safety and Safe Move2' we need to use Combined Input/Output Module in the same way u need to configure from PLC side with same desitnation and source address.
    Then you need to have write grant access for safety(fig.2), for this you need to check as shown in fig.3.

    Then you should be able to configure SDI's and SDO's(fig.4).

    Now go to Visual SafeMove, It looks like Fig.5, Then in Stop Configuration you should be able to configure Estop From Extern system(Lets say SDI_0) to Robot .<

    Like wise from Robot's EStop to PLC you can do like Fig.6 (Lets say SDO_0)
    SDO_0 := LocalEmergencyStopStatus

    I hope it helps you :) .If you have more questions or doubts please feel free to ask.