How to disable Collision Avoidance from RAPID

The IRC5 Controller Software Application manual states

"It is possible to temporarily disable the function Collision Avoidance if the robot
has already collided or is within the default safety distance, or when the robot arms
need to be very close and the risk of collision is acceptable.
Set the digital output signal Collision_Avoidance to 0 to disable Collision
Avoidance. It is recommended to enable it (set Collision_Avoidance to 1) as
soon as the work is done that required Collision Avoidance to be disabled."

It doesn't elaborate on how to do this in code.

I don't seem to have a "Digital output" called "Collision_Avoidance" how do create this output or associate an output to the Collision avoidance function?


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  • SWoollett
    Answer ✓
    Found it.

    you can associate a digital input with it under Configuration -> I/O System -> System input
    add a new system input select an input (in my case DI_EN_CollisionAvoidance) and the Collision Avoidance action.

    To control it from rapid I made a digital output (DO_EN_CollisionAvoidance) and used cross connection to control the DI used in the system input