Writing from virtual controller Profinet signals to PLC through OpcUa

Hello all,

I would like to simulate ProfiNet communication between the virtual controller and Siemens PLC using OpcUa. I have configured the OpcUa client in RobotStudio assigning the ProfiNet device to an array of Usint defined in a DB (an array for the input, another for the output).
If I set the input array in the PLC, then I see the corresponding Profinet signals set as well. But if do the opposite (I set one of the output Profinet signals), I don't see nothing changing in the corresponding array in the PLC. 
What I have noticed is that when I configure the relationship between Profinet output and OpcUa node, I get this error;

Bad result writing OPC UA data for node 2 (status: 2155085824)

Has anyone ever had this kind of issue?