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can I use a procedure to output a selected parameter?

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Hi there,

I'm trying to create a procedure that from a few parameters can crunch some numbers and then modify/ update a position variable. which can be used throughout with different parameters.  

here's an example to give an idea of what I mean:

VAR pos Input:=[3,2,1]
VAR pos Output:=[0,0,0]

PROC main()
PosOutput input, output;

PROC PosOutput(pos pos1, pos pos2)

pos2:= [pos1.x*2, pos2.y, pos2.z];


When I run such a program the Output variable doesn't seem to update. is there a way to update the Output that's being called through the procedure?



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    I think that you will see that the value for pos2 has the value stored in it.  Just because you name a parameter "Output" does not make it behave in the way you want it to.  Make the parameter for pos2 an INOUT parameter and you should see the value changing.
    Lee Justice
  • Like this

    PROC PosOutput(pos pos1, INOUT pos pos2)

    pos2:= [pos1.x*2, pos2.y, pos2.z];

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  • Thankyou the INOUT parameter has solved my issue