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Safety with OmniCore C30 Controller

Hi there,
I have two applications using Gofa CRB15000 Robot and I need to add safety related functions to both robotics cells.
1. In a cell we're using a light curtain with OSSD outputs, so I would kindly ask what is the best way to connect them in order to achieve robot stop when the OSSD output goes both to 0.
Are there safety inputs that can be addressed to achieve this goal? Or do I need to connect the curtains to a safety PLC and connect it to the OmniCore controller by PROFISAFE and configuring the Omnicore controller as PROFISAFE device?

2. In another cell I have a safety radar acting as PROFISAFE device. I have read the manual regarding PROFINET Controller/Device so I understood that the controller can be used as PROFISAFE controller. The radar has F-submodules and I have also GSDML files. When the F-submodule with address 145 (12 bytes) has first byte different from 0XFF the robot has to be stopped. I have to understand how to configure it through Omni-Core controller.


  • Does anyone have some ideas?
  • depressing isn't it! I have a very a very similar issue, although in my case the robot is a profisafe device (the PLC is master) with machines estop & guard status being sent over the network. I can make the E stop side of thing work but I want the guard input to behave like the physical inputs on the front of the controller. For the life of me I cant figure out how the get the guard input to generate a protective stop.
  • this post helped me get the part of the way and might help you as well....