Profinet configuration causes connection problem with other devices over wan port.

I have a question regarding the profinet configuration over wan port on the omnicore controllers.
Once connection between Siemens PLC and OmniCore controller is made it is not possible to connect with robotstudio to the robot anymore over the WAN port. Other devices that where working before the connection was made over the WAN port also stop working. 
In the firewall manager all connection are permitted so that can not be the issue. 
The only thing I can think of at this moment is that de PLC is changing the IO configuration somehow. IP adres, subnet mask stay the same but the gateway adres changes, the gateway was not configured previously.

Does anyone know how I can solve this issue?
For this moment I connected the other devices that where previously connected to the WAN port, to the IO network port. But eventually we would like to have them back on the WAN port.


  • Tompanhuhu
    I'm not having this issue, using both profinet with siemens, tcp/socket to vision camera and robotstudio over wan. 
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