what's the "TCP check"?

avboy China
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I always see the "TCP check" in this forum.

I want to know what's this and how to do this.

don't laugh at my entrant

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  • Hello avboy,

    the TCP is the "Tool Center Point" and the "TCP check" is a routine to check the correct position of your tool. The routine moves the tool (weld torch for instance) to a fix point into your cell (a check pin) and so you can check the TCP. These fix point is always on the same position. When the TCP of the tool isn't correct, then you have to teach the tool again with the 4- point method, for example. Was the teach ok, then the TCP will be also ok and the seams should be at the right positions.


     wow,so quick a reply! thank you :)

    I finally know why there is a steel pin on delivery with the abb robot.

    avboy2008-8-7 13:31:20
  • gopikrish
    gopikrish chennai
    how can i check   the TCP that i created in robot thought robotsudio
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    In RS, you can sync from RAPID to Station.