Doubts about the WebWare SDK [WebWare SDK]

I'm new in all of this and at this moment i have many doubts about communicating with the robot.

I'm working with WebWare SDK 3.2 and i'm connected with the robot through the Interlink, but reading the manual it talks about the WebWare Server as if it was an option on the WebWare SDK, is this true? and if it is how can i connect, because i've been trying but i couldn't.

I also want to program applications with the ActiveX in C, but the controls are programmed in VC ++, how can i arrange this?

Is there any sample of application developed in C?

Thank you


  • RussD
    RussD United States

    WebWare Server and and WebWare SDK are two different tools that may, in some cases, be used to complement each other, but are primarily intended to offer different types of solutions: namely pre-packaged vs. custom designed.

    WebWare Server is a ready-to-install IIS-based web server application that allows clients (web browsers) to access a hierarchical view of a robot installation and interact with these devices in numerous ways.

    WebWare SDK, as its name applies, is a software development kit to develop PC-based applications that are able to interact with robot controllers.

    At the heart of both packages is the Interlink Module software application, which provides an easy-to-use PC to robot software interface. Interlink Module is both the runtime environment for SDK applications as well as a "data collector" that manages the communications between many robots and a WebWare Server PC.

    WWServer and WWSDK are not dependent on each other, but rather both are dependent on the presence of and proper configuration of Interlink Module. Please verify that you have configured the RAP protocol on the robot controller, that you have configured the correct IP address for your robot alias, that you do not have the "simulate interface" option in the profile checked, etc. All of these settings are described in the product documentation and elsewhere in this forum.

    The SDK controls are desgned to be used in a language that supports ActiveX, so I don't think it would be possible (at least not easily) to develop with them in C.

    Russell Drown
  • Hello Russ

    I am working with LabWindows/CVI that supports ActiveX and i've already generated the libraries for C, i'm going to try some simple applications to communicate with the robot. Do you know where i can find some samples?

    Another question, i've been trying with the interlink monitor to do a backup but it doesn't download any data, it occurs a timeout, why it can happens this? i suppose that i haven't defined properly the variables, but i'm not sure.

    Thank you.


  • RussD
    RussD United States

    there is a VC++ 7 sample elsewhere in the forum, that's probably about the closest you might come.

    As far as your backup failing, the two most likely causes would be  that 1). the controller is not in automatic mode, or 2). that you have not configured your backup settings in the robot's Interlink profile.

    Russell Drown
  • Hello once again

    I have create a very simple application in LabWindows/CVI with and ActiveX control RobotBox, that shows the state of the robot, position, tool used,... Well i know is something very basic, but at least it seems that the robot and me are begining to communicate image

    I think that soon i'll be back with more doubts image.

    Thanks for your help Russell


  • Hello

    I'm trying to extract information from the RobotBox control, and i'm using the next comand:

    ABBRobotBox_GetProperty (RobotHandle, NULL,
            ABBRobotBox__RobotPanelRobot, CAVT_CSTRING,

    That it's supposed to return the alias of the robot, but it does nothing. Any idea of why it does this?

    Thank you

  • Juan
    Juan Spain

    Hi Russ,

    Finally i have been able to build an application in C with the ActiveX.

    Thank you for your help Russel