UI Thread and change event

John BJohn B United Kingdom
I am trying to simply update on pendant screen the status of a number of digital IO. I have a working solution but the update time on change is in the region >6 secs! This clearly is not workable in real terms. I have invoked the event delegation as recom'd in the sdk docs to sync the threads but even so, i still have very slow updates! Can anyone help / shed some light please...

          void ITpsViewActivation.Deactivate()


               this.do1Sig.Changed -=new SignalChangedEventHandler (do1Sig_Changed);


          void ITpsViewActivation.Activate()


               this.do1Sig.Changed +=new SignalChangedEventHandler (do1Sig_Changed);



          private void do1Sig_Changed(object sender, SignalChangedEventArgs e)


               this.Invoke (new EventHandler(this.ChangedDO1UserInterface),sender, e);


          private void ChangedDO1UserInterface(object sender, System.EventArgs e)


               SignalChangedEventArgs args = (SignalChangedEventArgs) e;

               SignalState sigState = args.NewSignalState;

               Single val = sigState.Value;                    // or some suitable means of display here

               this.textBox1.Text = val.ToString();          // ----------------||------------------



  • ReneKReneK Germany


    this "lag" is due to the SDK Domain; the events are delayed. As far as I know, there will be a change in 5.06 to increase the performance of the SDK Domain.

    best regards



  • John BJohn B United Kingdom
    Thanks Rene.... lets look forward to 5.06 (And no lag!)

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