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mistary situation...when I restore backup file from real IRC5 controller to VIRC5, this real backup file is working well on real controller.

But after restore the backup file into VIRC5, VIRC5 shows below error and it doesn't boot... what's happening?? Is any parameter adjusting needed for VIRC5??....if there is, please show me the way thank you.


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  • spaik
    spaik ✭✭
    one more thing, DSQC-328A and DSQC-378A were installed.
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  • Thomas

    Hi Spaik,

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    Please send an e-mail to the software support address.

    If you haven't got the software support address then please give me your e-mail address so I can send the address to you.


    We will need to know which Virtual IRC5, RobotStudio Online and RobotWare version you have.image


    Please also include a .zip file with the backup that cause the problem.image

    Thomas Andersson
    Support Engineer
    ABB Automation Technologies
  • Mario

    This error is certainly provoked by the configuration of one IO card  during the download of the "EIO.cfg file". Delete this file in first time, to see if the error disappears. I had the same problem and I modified the following line: -Name "interbus" -UnitType "d351A" -Bus "DeviceNet1" -DN_Address 10  to... -Name "interbus" -UnitType "Virtual" -Bus "Virtual1" and now it's Ok !