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5.60 Feedback

This discussion was created from comments split from: RobotStudio 5.60 is released!.


  • Bugs:

    - The UCS grid is not resizing in 5.60.

    - Locate target doesn't auto scroll up to the target correctly in 5.60.

    - Modify Markup help document should say that the list of markups are in the Graphics tab.

    - I can no longer create a default system in 5.15 because 5.15 now defaults to RobotWare 5.60. Then it errors and sends the controller into failure when 5.15 attempts to open the RobotWare 5.60 system that 5.15 just created.


    - Has trouble importing step files that will import fine in 5.15...

    - CAD Converter with 5.60 fails when trying to convert ACIS R24 files exported from 5.60.

    - "PersistenceService::Load(): Geometry (ACIS) warning 60004: 'save file is from an earlier version of Acis' [123]" when opening older systems, not sure why I need to know it's from an earlier version of ACIS?

    New Features:

    - Use Snap Edge to select along where a Clip Plane slices a part.

    - Copy and paste anything on the Graphics tab (Clip Plane, Markups, Lights).

    - View a Path in a Tag in the Tag tab in 5.60.

    - Right-clicking on a dimension and change it to m, ft, or in on a case-by-case.

    - A measuring tool that does Point-to-Point but forces the measuring line to the closest 0, 90, 180, or 270 orientations in World.