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Leftover robtarget declarations in RAPID

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For some time now, I had a problem with definitions of robtargets, where the robtarget itself isn't used anywhere in the code. Practically , when I make some paths in AWPP and then delete part of it from the path view, the declarations of the robtargets are still present in the code. I would drop the issue, because it's really time consuming to find all of the not used robtargets. But the problem is that, when I make a new module in the same VC, sometimes the declarations are duplicated and I have to look into the code to change the robtargets names. It gets quite messy that way, and I don't know exactly how many more unused robtargets I have in the already created modules.


  • Hi SecretHanae,

    We have functionality to find them but not to auto-delete them. This is a design decision since it is too risky deleting them wholesale.

    open the [RAPID] tab, in the [Controller] window doubleclick the module you wish to find unused robtargets in > this opens up the RAPID editor.

    In the [Find] pane click the lower part of [Find/Replace] then [Find Unused References in Module]


    Down in the Search Results you can now see a list of all unused references.

    You could use "in Task" as well.

    Then you click each - see its declaration and can if you as a user think it's a dud, delete the declaration.