EGM - No data from UdpUc device

Dear all, I am trying to set up communication between my linux computer and robot studio 6.0 using EGM. I am using the sample EGm code provided. I can ping the robot studio machine from my linux machine and vice versa. I get messages with updated time-stamps and feedback values from the robot studio. However I am getting the following error: "No data from UdpUc device" I have also tried increasing the \CommTimeout to 10 seconds and more but that does not help. Also the values of I am setting in "EgmPlanned planned" dont seem to be read by the controller.


  • I have fixed my error. It was a issue with UDP traffic on my network.
  • AR_NAAR_NA Canada

    I am experiencing a similar issue and getting the same "No data from UdpUc device" error. Our control laptop doesn't seem to be sending UDP packets to the controller but I do have two-way communication to it because I can execute other parts of my code just fine. How did you pinpoint what was going wrong with your UDP traffic?


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