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Set Up I/O's with DSQC 651

Good day to everyone!

I've already read "How to Set Up I/O on a ABB Robot with and IRC5 Controller" but I'm still having troubles after follow the procedure. 

1. DSQC 651 Output1: -1  Input1:-1
2. NS and MS LEDs are Green 
3. Output V+ and V- are connected to the source.
4. Mapping is done: 
Name: do_1
Type of signal: Digital Output
Assigned to Unit: Discrete651_10
Unit Mapping: 0

Outputs voltage: 1.5V
Inputs Voltage: 0V

I Simulate the signals to 1, and nothing change the voltages are the same. 
I changed Output1 and Input1 as EDS file says: Output1:1  and Input1:5 but match a error size. 

Any idea what I can do? 


  • soup
    soup ✭✭✭
    Not sure about "Output1: -1  Input1:-1" -- copy / paste the EIO file.
  • Ivonne

    EDS File: 
    Input1      =   5,              $ Nbr of data byte
    Output1     =   1,              $ Nbr of data byte

    but appears: 

    Event Message 71294
    Input output size 
    On DeviceNet unit <Discrete651_10> the connection 1 output size does not match the unit. 

  • Hi,

    What RobotWare version are you running?

    The configuration file (EIO file), has changed with RW6 - so you should make sure you use the right EDS file.



  • Ivonne
    I'm running 5.15.2, EDS file is the same as 6.02. 
  • soup
    soup ✭✭✭
    The EIO.cfg file can be found in the SYSPAR folder of a backup.
  • Ivonne
    Look this is my EIO file. 


          -Name "Virtual" -VendorName "ABB" -ProductName "Virtual unit"

          -Name "DN_GENERIC" -BusType "DNET" -DN_ExplicitMsgEnabled \
          -DN_C1OutputSize -1 -DN_C1InputSize -1

           -Name "d651" -BusType "DNET" -VendorName "ABB Robotics"\
          -ProductName "Combi Unit" -DN_VendorId 75 -DN_ProductCode 25\
          -DN_DeviceType 100 -DN_MajorRev 1 -DN_MinorRev 1 -DN_ExplicitMsgEnabled \
          -DN_C1Type "COS" -DN_C1OutputSize -1 -DN_C1InputSize -1

          -Name "DN_SLAVE" -BusType "DNET" -VendorName "ABB Robotics" -DN_VendorId 8\
          -DN_ProductCode 12 -DN_DeviceType 12 -DN_ExplicitMsgEnabled \
          -DN_C1Interval 50 -DN_C1OutputSize 8 -DN_C1InputSize 8

          -Name "DN_INTERNAL_SLAVE" -BusType "DNET" -VendorName "ABB Robotics"\
          -ProductName "Internal DeviceNet Slave" -InternalSlave  -DN_C1OutputSize 8\
          -DN_C1InputSize 8

          -Name "S4CPLUS_DN_SLAVE" -BusType "DNET" -DN_VendorId 75\
          -DN_ProductCode 15 -DN_DeviceType 100 -DN_C1Interval 50\
          -DN_C1OutputSize 22 -DN_C1InputSize 22

          -Name "d350A" -BusType "DNET" -VendorName "ABB Robotics"\
          -ProductName "RIO Adapter" -DN_VendorId 75 -DN_ProductCode 6\
          -DN_DeviceType 7 -DN_MajorRev 2 -DN_ExplicitMsgEnabled  -DN_C1Type "COS"\
          -DN_C1OutputSize -1 -DN_C1InputSize -1

          -Name "d1794" -BusType "DNET" -VendorName "Allen-bradley Company"\
          -ProductName "1794-ADN DeviceNet Flex I/O Adapter" -DN_VendorId 1\
          -DN_ProductCode 1 -DN_DeviceType 12 -DN_MajorRev 2 -DN_MinorRev 1\
          -DN_C1OutputSize -1 -DN_C1InputSize -1
  • Is this your whole EIO file?
  • Ivonne
    attached. I made some changes but still not working.

    Outputs did not give me voltage  and inputs did not respond to a voltage. 
    EIO.txt 18.6K
  • Nousch
    If someone has this problem with DSQC651, try to use a higher value for Unit Mapping. In my case I solved this using 32 for signal 1, 33 for signal 2, ...
  • lemster68
    Simulating an input will not make the voltage go high on an input, only the real input will.  Simulating an output and turning it high will also not make the voltage go high.  In fact, it will block the voltage because you simulated it.  There is no need to simulate an output, just turn it on.  If you still have any simulated outputs, you should remove the simulation.
    Lee Justice
  • @Nousch is right. The digital output mapping for 651 board begins with 32.