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Digital I/O Signals

Using RobotStudio have defined a simulated digital output signal "Do_MoveComplete". Using the Current Station I/O system control panel I am able to set/clear the output signal as expected.  In PC SDK I have a set up a watch event on that signal and also get the signal changed event each time the signal changes.  When I execute the RAPID command Set(Do_MoveComplete) the RAPID program terminates with 40223:Execution Error followed by 10020:Execution error state, The program execution in task T_ROB1 has been stopped due to a spontaneous error. 

Because I can control the output using RobotStudio I/O control panel, I believe I have the signal setup correctly.  Why am I having trouble setting using the RAPID Set() command?  Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.


  • graemepaulin
    The RAPID command should be Set Do_MoveComplete; - no brackets
  • Sverrir
    I realise this is an old question, but in case others ramble into this thread I'll elaborate a bit on the solution as I was having this issue today and couldn't figure out why this error was happening. 

    When setting a digital out/in signal doRobotReady the following code will cause this 40223: Execution error 
    doRobotReady := 1;
    doRobotReady := 0;
    To solve this use the Set and Reset functions instead 
    Set doRobotReady;
    Reset doRobotReady;

    And that is all... :)

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