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RS6.03 with old 5.15 RobotWare

Hello :)

Since I installed the new RS6.03 I am having problems creating systems for my old robots (they are stuck at RW5.15 because they do not have the new DSQC1000 computer).

I installed RS6.03 and downloaded the RW 5.15.10 in the Add-ins tab of RS. (Now the latest is RW5.15.12 and in the left panel it doesn't show 5.15.10 as beeing installed but it is).

When I want to create a new Solution with station and robot controller, if 6.03 is selected in the Robotware rolldown menu then all is good. But if I select RW5.15.10, then only few models of robots are available. My IRB2400 or my IRB140 are not there.

Of course there is a workaround, but it brings other bugs...

So I if just create an new empty station, import my IRB2400 or IRB140 robot from the ABB library and finally, create a system from Layout then it works. The other problem this bring is that when I want to configure my I/Os, there is no unit type other than Virtual and Local_generic. So I can setup my BUS, but not my Unit so I'm stuck with no I/Os.

There is another workaround for this: creating a system from backup. If I do that, then most unit types are in the list.

It's a lot of workarounds and makes it painfull to teach how to use RS to my students.

Just want to make sure you guys know for a quick fix with RS6.04 maybe? :)


Janin Delorme, Ing. (P.Eng)


  • Johannes Weiman
    edited November 2016
    Hi Jet,

    If you select Options in System From Layout, you can add any I/O hardware you want:

    As for template systems, in 6.04 we only support RW 5.60 and newer unfortunately.

    But if you are working with real robots I'd recommend Go Offline to create the virtual controller. Then you'll get an exact replica including I/O configurations etc.

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    Johannes Weiman
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