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Robot swept volume in ABB RObot studio

RevathiD Bangalore- India

              I want to create robot interference zone (Swept volume) according to the path. Kindly help me in this case. For an example how it will be viewed robot envelope similarly its a requirement .

It will be great if anyone could help me in this case... :-)

Thanks and regards,
Revathi D


  • What do you mean by 'swept volume'?
  • RevathiD
    RevathiD Bangalore- India
    When we play the simulation I want to save the trajectory of the robot as 3D data, Its for to ensure the clearance between the robots.
  • Johannes Weiman
    Johannes Weiman ABB Sweden admin
    That is a quite difficult problem to solve. Is it not enough to use collision detection?
    Johannes Weiman
    Software Engineer
    RobotStudio Team, ABB Robotics
  • RevathiD
    RevathiD Bangalore- India
    Nope, I want this as a separate 3D data to save it. Do you thing is it possible to do take the interference data?
  • Adnan
    Adnan Göteborg admin

    You have to go to RobotApps in RS and downlaod Smart Component called "PartTrace".