ACIS (.SAT) Import Geometry Not Visible

I am attempting to import SolidWorks assemblies and parts into RobotStudio 4.  I save the files as ACIS (or .SAT) files from SolidWorks, and then select "File>Import>Geometry" in RobotStudio.  The files seem to import fine (at least no errors are shown) and the objects appear in the Object Tree.  However, I cannot see them in the work space, even though "Visible" is clearly selected.

Is there a specific version of ACIS that RobotStudio 4 requires?  Is there some other special requirement I must fulfill when I export the file from SolidWorks?  Is there perhaps an option in RobotStudio that I have overlooked?

Thanks for your input.


  • I found a solution for those experiencing the same problem.  Under SolidWorks export options, when selecting the version, use ACIS version 7.  This version is compatible with RS4.
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