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Good morning all, I am (attempting) running some IRB 120's with (I believe IC5) flex pendant control.
I have had very little training but have managed to teach myself how to make joint, linear, circular moves along with gripper control, creating a user zero point and I'm pretty happy with program creation and generally running the system (my needs are few!) I am struggling to create an array, it's a little tough without any help to decipher the code!
In basic terms I have a pen (with some compliance) held in a gripper, I want to move to a zero point and then 'draw' a group of square boxes on a page in an array, the boxes are 40 x 40 and they are spaced at 20mm intervals with 2 colums and 4 rows (giving 8 boxes in total.
Is this possible to do just using the flex pendant? if how !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I'm sure i'll get there but it may jt


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    You can define an array using Flexpendant by click menus step by step as follows.

    Main menu - Program Data - Select data types(for instance, num) - New... - Click Dimension - Select '2' - Click '...' - Change size of first 2, second 4 accordingly.And click 'OK' twice.

    And then An array of numeric data is created. Refer to the picture below.

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