YuMi Smart Gripper commands

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I'm using a virtual controller in RobotStudio to control a YuMi robot, including controlling the Smart Grippers with the provided builtin commands. When I try and use any of the commands provided in the gripper product manual (in this case Hand_Initialize) the following error occurs:
IRB_14000_0.5kg_0.5m/RAPID/T_ROB_L/MainModule(3,9): Reference error(130): Reference to unknown procedure Hand_Initialize.	14/02/2017 14:52:52	General
I'm guessing I've not included the gripper commands in the build, but can't find any information on how to do this. I've installed SmartGripper 3.52 from the RobotWare Add-Ins, and the error still occurs. I've attemped to create a new solution with station and robot controller, and even when I select "Customize options" in the controller set up I can't find any settings referring to the grippers. 

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  • SmartGripper commands changed with version 3.51. Instead of starting with "Hand_" they start with "g_". i.e. g_Init(), g_GripIn(), g_MoveTo(), g_GetState(), etc.
  • There are a few steps you have to follow

    1. Install SmartGripper Add-Ins. In my case version 3.40 and 3.52 are available

    2. Open the Installation Manager

    3. In the Controllers tab select your (virtual) system

    4. In the Products tab install the SmartGripper (The Select Product screen appears when you click on the "Add..." button)

    5. In the Options tab, make sure you have selected the options: "709-1 DeviceNet Master/Slave", "841-1 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Adapter", and "617-1 FlexPendant Intertace"

    6. In the Confirmation tab click on "Apply"

    7. Make Backup of your system (because we need to reset the system)

    8. Reset System (I-Start)

    9. Restore the Backup

    10. I have installed SmartGripper 3.52, with RobotWare 6.04.01. So as mentioned by David, the instructions start with "g_"

  • Hi,
    I follow your instruction and installing Smart Gripper was completed with success, but I still cannot use command to use SmartGripper in my application. There is something that could I miss?

    I will be grateful for your help.

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    Hi guys,

    I currently have a similar problem: I installed the SmartGripper AddIn as instructed above but don't have access to any "g_"-commands in my modules. Is there anything else I have to do? 
    Now it worked. After several restarts of RobotStudio and System resets I can't say what the problem was but I made it.
    After the last System Reset I didn't load the backup but synchronized the station to RAPID - maybe that was where something went wrong before... 

    Also, where can I get the gripper manual? I would search for solutions in there myself but I googled for it and it's nowhere to be found :(

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